Dead of Winter

Director: Arthur Penn
Year Released: 1987
Rating: 0.5

Penn and his screenwriters channel Hitchcock-as-interpreted-by-De Palma and arrive ... at schlock. Let's be honest: Mary Steenburgen has difficulty playing just one role, and when she's strapped with three, it's plainly obvious the casting directors don't watch many movies. I found the story itself to be so illogical - are these people in Siberia? are cops that slipshod in their duties? doesn't Steenburgen #2 want to kill Steenburgen #1? if so, why does she help her? further, is that 'corpse' supposed to look like a wax figure from a Fulci film (which is good if you happen to be Fulci, wherein it's really a part of the whole camp thing)? - and the movie's tone to be so intolerably humorless I thought it would never end.