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Notable Short Films
Updated 8-29-19.

I created this list because I started losing track of the fantastic short films out there and wanted to find a better way to represent them - also, since my own top ten list 'rules' exclude shorts (and anything that showed on TV), I felt guilty about not including them somewhere. So here's a handful of obscure / not obscure treasures to fill brief minutes with joy. For the sake of sanity, I'm limiting the number of works on here by some of our mavericks from the silent era (you know the names). Entries with a "*" are music videos and those with a "~" are advertisements.

A Trip to the Moon (1902, Georges Méliès)

The Living Playing Cards (1904, Georges Méliès)

For His Son (1912, D.W. Griffith)

The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1913, D.W. Griffith)

Behind the Screen (1916, Charles Chaplin)

One A.M. (1916, Charles Chaplin)

Coney Island (1917, Roscoe Arbuckle)

Number, Please? (1920, Hal Roach)

La Souriante Madame Beudet (1922, Germaine Dulac)

The Frogs Who Wanted a King (1923, Wladyslaw Starewicz)

Entr'acte (1924, René Clair)

The Seashell and the Clergyman (1928, Germaine Dulac)

Un Chien Andalou (1929, Luis Buñuel)

The Mascot (1933, Wladyslaw Starewicz)

I Love to Singa (1936, Tex Avery)

Rose Hobart (1936, Joseph Cornell)

The Tell-Tale Heart (1941, Jules Dassin)

Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid)

At Land (1944, Maya Deren)

Fireworks (1947, Kenneth Anger)

Bad Luck Blackie (1949, Tex Avery)

Begone Dull Care (1949, Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart)

Blood of the Beasts (1949, Georges Franju)

The Story of the Bass Cello (1949, Jirí Trnka)

Neighbours (1952, Norman McLaren)

La Villa Santo Sospir (1952, Jean Cocteau)

Les Statues Meurent Aussi (1953, Chris Marker and Alain Resnais)

Night and Fog (1955, Alain Resnais)

Toute la Mémoire du Monde (1956, Alain Resnais)

Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958, Roman Polanski)

All the Boys Are Called Patrick (1959, Jean-Luc Godard)

The Steamroller and the Violin (1960, Andrei Tarkovsky)

La Jetée (1962, Chris Marker)

Christmas on Earth (1963, Barbara Rubin)

The House Is Black (1963, Forugh Farrokhzad)

Vapors (1963, Andy Milligan)

Samuel Beckett's Film (1965, Alan Schneider)

The Hand (1965, Jirí Trnka)

Oh Dem Watermelons! (1965, Robert Nelson)

Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) (1966, David Lynch)

Unsere Afrikareise (1966, Peter Kubelka)

Anticipation (1967, Jean-Luc Godard)

The Big Shave (1967, Martin Scorsese)

Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969, Kenneth Anger)

T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (1969, Paul Sharits)

Serene Velocity (1970, Ernie Gehr)

THX1138:EB (1970, George Lucas)

(nostalgia) (1971, Hollis Frampton)

Thank You Mask Man (1971, Lenny Bruce and John Magnuson)

Marilyn Times Five (1973, Bruce Conner)

The Virgin Sacrifice (1974, J.X. Williams)

La Soufriére (1977, Werner Herzog)

Take the 5:10 to Dreamland (1977, Bruce Conner)

LMNO (1978, Robert Breer)

The Garden of Earthly Delights (1981, Stan Brakhage)

SPK: Despair (1982, Stephen Jones)*

Vincent (1982, Tim Burton)

Barres (1984, Luc Moullet)

The Book of Mary (1984, Anne-Marie Miéville)

The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer (1984, The Brothers Quay)

Ghost (1984, Takashi Ito)

Apocalypse Pooh (1987, T. Graham)

The Dante Quartet (1987, Stan Brakhage)

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (1987, The Brothers Quay)

Darkness/Light/Darkness (1989, Jan Svankmajer)

Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence (1990, Anton Corbijn)*

U2: One (1991, Anton Corbijn)*

A Place Called Lovely (1991, Sadie Benning)

Space Madness (1991, Jon Kricfalusi)

Food (1992, Jan Svankmajer)

Side/Walk/Shuttle (1992, Ernie Gehr)

The Wrong Trousers (1993, Nick Park)

A Close Shave (1995, Nick Park)

Lumière: Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (1995, David Lynch)

The Spirit of Christmas (1995, Trey Parker and Matt Stone)

Fiona Apple: Criminal (1996, Mark Romanek)*

Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up (1997, Jonas Åkerlund)*

The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony (1997, Walter Stern)*

Björk: All Is Full of Love (1998, Chris Cunningham)*

Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy (1998, Martin Arnold)

Billy's Balloon (1998, Don Hertzfeldt)

Genesis (1998, Nacho Cerdà)

Outer Space (1999, Peter Tscherkassky)

Pulp: This Is Hardcore (1999, Doug Nichol)*

Breath (2000, Damien Hirst)

The Heart of the World (2000, Guy Maddin)

Origin of the 21st Century (2000, Jean-Luc Godard)

Rejected (2000, Don Hertzfeldt)

DJ Shadow: Six Days (2002, Wong Kar-Wai)*

The Skywalk Is Gone (2002, Tsai Ming-Liang)

The Order: From Cremaster 3 (2003, Matthew Barney)

Super Mario Clouds (2003, Cory Arcangel)

Light Is Calling (2004, Bill Morrison)

TV on the Radio: Staring at the Sun (2004, Elliot Jokelson)*

The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper (2005, Gary Trousdale)

14th Arrondissement (2006, Alexander Payne)

Pink (2006, Charlie White)~

Tuileries (2006, Joel and Ethan Coen)

I've Never Had Sex... (2007, Robert Kennedy)

1859 (2008, Fred Worden)

Please Say Something (2008, David O'Reilly)

Presto (2008, Doug Sweetland)

Levi's America (Go Forth) (2009, Cary Fukunaga)~

The External World (2010, David O'Reilly)

Coorow-Latham Road (2011, Blake Williams)

A Brief History of John Baldessari (2012, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman)

O Is for Orgasm (2012, Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani)

Lana Del Rey: Video Games (2012, Lana Del Rey)*

Omelette (2013, Madeline Sharafian)

Too Many Cooks (2014, Casper Kelly)

No No Sleep (2015, Tsai Ming-Liang)

Purl (2018, Kristen Lester)

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