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A Brief Introduction
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[C]riticism is not meant to be the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. To me it is proof of the uncultivatedness of this society that it boggles at severe criticism. The trouble is, the society is geared to blandness. Blandness is a curse, as I see it. It's shapeless, it's savorless, it's mindless, it's gutless. (John Simon)

A Brief Introduction

Greetings. My name is Matt and these are my capsule reviews. I do not get paid to write them, so I'm an amateur - and yes, being an amateur (unpaid) is radically different from being a professional (paid). (Actually, as noted elsewhere, I am a "completely non-notable amateur internet reviewer," which is pretty much dead-on true.) I write music reviews and concert reviews and get paid for them, so that's a different story. No, those reviews aren't on this site.

Here's how all this works: I watch a lot of the newer movies in the theater, but the time between me seeing them and writing about them and finally posting the capsules is easily three months. Why? I have a movie queue, and movies get added at the very bottom of the queue as soon as I see them. As they are posted, they are taken out of the top of the queue, and the rest are moved up. This gives me plenty of time to re-write the reviews, adjust the ratings, etc. I do consider it unfortunate that the capsules for these movies are so small - the films deserve more - but the prospect of writing a two-page review every day for every new film is daunting. The paragraph-a-film is just enough to get my (few) thoughts down and move on with the rest of my "life." I am often disappointed by the number of grammatical errors and spelling errors I find among the reviews, so please consider these little pieces to be works in progress (typically, I have a team of people two or even three other people scanning my work for errors and such, but for the movie reviews it's just me ... and I'm usually in a big hurry).

Regarding public opinion: Some people find a small amount of humor or maybe even (stop me if I'm going too far) a small amount of insight in my little reviews while others think I'm an idiot. Some people wanted me to get rid of this site post haste a while ago and I was almost inclined to agree with them, but then I realized I like doing this and, with much technical help, changed the domain and forwarded all past links. "Why bother?" you ask. "Why not?" I respond. It continues....

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