I Am Curious (Yellow)

Director: Vilgot Sjöman
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 0.0

Terribly poor 'political' statement from Sweden circa the Vietnam-era; I wouldn't be writing this review of it (and Criterion wouldn't be releasing it as a special edition DVD with its twin sibling I Am Curious: Blue) had there not been male and female full-frontal nudity and had it not raised issues of censorship in American cinema. The politics are on a sub-sub-Godardian level - Godard's verite style (and script-less improv) being Sjöman's main reference point - and even mentioning this film in the same sentence as 1967's Two or Three Things I Know About Her is downright insulting to JLG's marvelous achievement. Its effectiveness in 'completely altering' American film censorship policies is doubtable and merely a footnote, considering that even today the MPAA has a real problem with nudity (and sexual 'movement') and has not reworked the ratings system.