Don't Torture a Duckling

Director: Lucio Fulci
Year Released: 1972
Rating: 3.0

Early Fulci giallo about a group of obnoxious kids who turn up dead, one by one, while the town people and the police actively look for the killer, suspecting several different people. Tough to rate 'B-movies' like this on a scale; this one is actually quite good - at least, compared to some of Fulci's lesser efforts, and the weaker works in the genre. Movies like this require you to ignore several things: (a.) horrible dubbing (usually used because not all the actors speak the same language), (b.) odd music and (c.) sub-par effects (the dead bodies lying around all look like dolls) - if there's any underlying subtext, all the better, if it offers a decent amount of cheap thrills, there you go.