Director: Christopher Nolan
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 2.0

Nolan takes the 1997 film and then proceeds to strip it of its ambiguity and change around (or eliminate) a few of the good parts. America must be the dumbest and most puritanical of all film-going countries, as the foreign pictures that are 'remade' here have to be thoroughly cleansed of any edge or vagueness so everything is moral and just. And of course, here in America, we can't sit through a picture unless people get shot, so said 'remakes' need to be more charged and less thought provoking. In the actors' (and crew's) defense, it's a well-performed, well-photographed (the Alaskan landscape is so damn pretty) police story, but for admirers of the original (I include myself) it's loaded with excess.