Boy and His Dog, A

Director: L.Q. Jones
Year Released: 1975
Rating: 2.5

In post-apocalyptic America circa 2024 - just four years from now! - WWIII and WWIV have happened, so the remaining humans have to scrounge for food and 'companionship' (read: sexual assault), and this includes none-too-bright Vic (Don Johnson) who's pretty versatile but gets solid guidance from his telepathic dog Blood (voiced by Tim McIntire).  It lives up to its reputation as a cult item for roughly half of its running time when it's above ground, but when Vic meets Quilla June (Susanne Benton) she lures him to an underworld location called "Topeka" - run by Lou (Jason Robards) - that feels like some ridiculous vaudeville theatrical production (the inhabitants are all in whiteface) and the tonal change is jarring (it doesn't help that Blood isn't around).  At least it ends with the blackest of black humor: Vic had to make a decision, and I think he chose wisely.