Director: Michael Dowse
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Police detective Vic (Dave Bautista) gets LASIK surgery and has trouble seeing, so he hires an Uber driver named Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) to help him follow leads on a drug dealer who killed his former partner.  For what I thought was going to be a wacky cop movie with mismatched partners - Stu is politically correct and pretty much a wuss, Vic is hard-boiled but not "woke" (groan) - isn't all that silly (Kumail has some nice quips) and actually plays things seriously at times, which is something Shane Black's The Nice Guys (or even Beverly Hills Cop) never bothered to do.  It mostly serves as an advertisement for the famous San Francisco-based ride-sharing company, who no doubt appreciate the attempt to make themselves look like they employ loyal, cautious people.  I'm still waiting on Uber Submarines and Uber Helicopters, though....