The Two Popes

Director: Fernando Meirelles
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 3.0

After the passing of Pope John Paul II, the Holy See names Cardinal Ratzinger (Anthony Hopkins) as his successor, but various scandals involving the Church - including the whole nasty business of moving priests who molested children around to different parishes instead of removing them - convince him, years later, that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) should step in as the new Pontiff, even though Bergoglio wants to resign.  The movie is largely one long discussion between the two men, Ratzinger the ultra-conservative and Bergoglio the 'progressive': some parts of their conversations are a little too on-the-nose and they tend to repeat themselves a bit much (the movie is cautious not to be overly critical for clear reasons) but I found it to be refreshing in bringing up - the same way Wim Wenders' documentary on Pope Francis did - some of the pressing concerns of Catholicism (abortion, gay marriage, dwindling devotees), and it even touches on Bergoglio's involvement in his native Argentina's "Dirty War" (the guilt hangs over him).  Non-Catholics might not find much to take from it, but everyone should appreciate the gravitas of both Hopkins and Pryce ... and who wouldn't want to see two Popes drinking beer and watching soccer?