Too Late to Die Young

Director: Dominga Sotomayor Castillo
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.5

In post-Pinochet Chile, individuals living in a commune manage to make it without modern conveniences - electricity being a big one - but change is on its way; teenager Sofia (Demian Hernández), who lives with her Father but dreams of moving in with her famous Mother (who has left them), starts to get 'urges' and has a fling with an older man, much to the chagrin of Lucas (Antar Machado), who fancies her.  The whole 'coming of age' movie has been done so, so many times before, and Castillo adds nothing unique to the premise - her movie comes across like a series of filmed index cards scribbled with notes instead of a fully-realized idea: the chopped-up presentation, which skips around to various characters almost at random, could have been her way of disguising that.  At least Inti Briones, her cinematographer, lends a hand to make it look sharp: smoke floats through the woods while Sofia washes her deflowered body in purifying water.  Ah, but the psychic stain remains....