Tell Me Who I Am

Director: Ed Perkins
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 3.0

In the early 80's, Alex Lewis got into a motorcycle accident and lost all previous memories, leaving his twin brother Marcus to "reprogram" him, choosing which information to "implant" ... and refusing to tell him about how their twisted mother abused them.  It's an uncomfortable watch, but I think it's an important look at how families keep secrets and inflict trauma on each other: the central debate is about whether or not Marcus was morally obligated to share that painful bit of information or whether keeping it 'to himself' was his way of protecting Alex (and denying his own victimhood).  Perkins keeps the presentation very minimal (and gray) - it's mostly interviews with the brothers and photographs - but the suspicious side of me feels he's manipulating the situation perhaps a bit too much (along with padding the documentary), coaxing Marcus for the "big reveal" - what Evil Mom did - for the cathartic 'ending' (without the details, there's no third act).