In the Shadow of the Moon

Director: Jim Mickle
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Philly cops Lockhart (Boyd Holbrook) and Maddox (Bokeem Woodbine) go investigating a series of gruesome murders around town - a cook, a pianist, a bus driver, etc. - in which the victims' brains have melted at the same time, and then Lockhart encounters a woman wearing a blue hoodie behind the crimes who knows all about his life; the incident haunts him for decades until he finds out she's a Time-Traveling Space Assassin!  Ta-da!  As a police procedural it's riddled with clichés, but when it gets to its "sci-fi" parts it's downright clueless, like it was conceived by someone who thought it would be a "badass idea" but makes zero sense in execution.  Supporting the idea of wiping out 'political radicals' before they actually pull off a revolution - writing pamphlets is one thing, blowing up a building is another - is very irresponsible; I'm going to assume everyone knows what thoughtcrime is.