The Day Shall Come

Director: Christopher Morris
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Moses (Marchánt Davis), a preacher without much of a following, no money and just a touch of schizophrenia, gets recruited by the Feds in Miami (embodied by Anna Kendrick and Denis O'Hare) to sell uranium to Nazis (led by comedian Jim Gaffigan) ... who are also informants.  I like that Morris is poking fun at the Intelligence Community for being bumbling idiots, but the sitcom approach - where every other line just has to be 'quirky' (giving me flashbacks to the American version of The Office) - and 'mockery' of terrorism and race relations doesn't hit as hard as it should: it's telegraphing its "wokeness" (a word that should have never existed in the first place).  If you find Jeff Dunham playing with his puppet Achmed to be comedic gold, this might just be your thing.