Director: Susan Seidelman
Year Released: 1982
Rating: 1.5

Runaway Wren (Susan Berman), originally from New Jersey, wants to be a part of the punk scene in NYC so she makes flyers with her own face on it and pastes them everywhere - she chases after punk rocker Eric (Richard Hell), who treats her badly, while Paul (Brad Rijn) - on a road trip to New England - tries to show her affection (which she takes for granted).  As a time capsule from the early 80's it has an air of gritty nostalgia to it, but as a movie it's grating as hell: Wren is a repulsive individual - loud, conceited and a little sociopathic.  When she gets ditched by Eric and Paul finally gives up on her it feels oh-so-right, as she clearly needs to grow up a lot more.  The actual stand-out is the charismatic Hell, who could have had a career in the pictures (he was more into music).