The Immoral Mr. Teas

Director: Russ Meyer
Year Released: 1959
Rating: 2.5

Mr. Teas (Bill Teas, Meyer's buddy from WWII) has a job selling dental supplies but spends most of his mental energy picturing the local ladies sans clothing - he even goes to a shrink to get to the bosom of his problem.  It's actually a parody of Tati's M. Hulot's Holiday and various "educational" films from back in the day - they would sneak nudity in under the guise of being "informative" - and constructed in the most basic way imaginable: cleavage, shot of Teas getting an eyeful, full nudity, Teas staring intently, ladies skinny dipping, Teas hanging out behind the bushes, etc. (final lesson: if being horny is a sickness, relish being sick).  The voice over (by Edward J. Lakso) has some zingers: "Sensitive men have been fretting over G-strings for years."