Duet for Cannibals

Director: Susan Sontag
Year Released: 1969
Rating: 3.0

Tomas (Gösta Ekman) - a Swede who lives with his girlfriend Ingrid (Agneta Ekmanner) - goes to work for German radical Bauer (Lars Ekborg) as his "archivist" and soon gets drawn into a world of weirdness: Bauer insists Tomas live in their house (causing relationship problems with Ingrid) and encourages him to spend time with his Italian wife Francesca (Adriana Asti), which leads to partner swapping.  It's more than clear that Ingmar Bergman was a core influence on Sontag - despite being an American she shot it in Sweden - and while it takes a little while to get revved up, it becomes a weirdly intriguing psychosexual drama not to the level of Harold Pinter but pretty good: Bauer is clearly insane (he claims his food is poisoned and that the lines are tapped), but it's a good example of power-games that go on between people and the way they get led into bad situations.  I don't like the ending at all - just seems too cheap a way to conclude the story - but the path up to it is better than expected.