The Dead Don't Die

Director: Jim Jarmusch
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 2.0

With the "Earth thrown off its axis by polar fracking," the buried residents of Centerville in the United States rise out of the ground to snack on the living so three of the town's police officers (Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Chloë Sevigny) and a Scottish mortician (Tilda Swinton) try to fight back.  Yes, it's another zombie movie, this time by auteur Jarmusch, who plays it like a deadpan joke (as anticipated): get ready for bone-dry conversations between Murray and Driver, the mandatory Trump joke carried on by Steve Buscemi, Jarmusch's partner Sara Driver and Iggy Pop eating some bodies and stopping for coffee and plenty of meta-ness (Adam D. tells Bill he "read the script" and knew in advance it would end badly).  It's 'deconstructed horror,' which might be enough for fans of the filmmaker but others will probably just be irritated.  I still think he made it so he could do two things: (1.) have a UFO finally pick up Queen Tilda and (2.) cut off Selena Gomez's head.