Director: Michael Tiddes
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Married man Alan (Marlon Wayans), whose wife (Bresha Webb) is about to have their first child, goes in search of the mother who abandoned him when he was young and finds out he's actually one of six children ... and then he drives around trying to meet them all.  Not much of this warrants a single smile - except for the thug-like Ethan character (who's also a painter!) - and the sight-gags (a bull? really?) are anything but smart, but it is kind of admirable that Wayans plays a total of seven roles - including his Mom - and the effects are seamless: it sure does save on the budget when you can get a single performer to do all the work (like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor).  But he could have played twenty different characters, and it wouldn't make a difference without a story that amounts to some hokey "Families Need to Support One Another (Despite Obvious Differences)" 'message.'