Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Director: Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 0.5

 VC  Back in the late 1980's, Bob Lazar claimed he was working for the government in Area 51 (by Papoose Lake), a "highly classified base" (so don't do anything stupid like try to storm the place), and "saw" evidence of extraterrestrial technology (and said he disassembled it), and here he is again, telling director Corbell the same story he has for the last thirty years.  It's a terribly made documentary: Mickey Rourke has a great voice but the "philosophical" voice-over is too much, Corbell puts himself in front of the camera too often (you'd think it was about him), and Lazar's smugness is irritating.  Sorry, but you can't claim you went to both MIT and CalTech and not have a single piece of evidence (picture in yearbook, diplomas, transcripts, anything) to back that up and you can't run a company (United Nuclear in Laingsburg, Michigan) that sells uranium ore and radioactive materials to people and not expect a visit from the Feds.  Lazar could be mentally-ill or just a pathological liar (the Soviets knew how to fool the lie-detector test too), although Mr. Four Names seems inclined to believe him.  How about this for an answer to the Fermi paradox: we're hopelessly alone.  Sleep tight.