Ralph Breaks the Internet

Director: Phil Johnston and Rich Moore
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.5

When video game character Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman) sees that the steering wheel on her arcade cabinet is broken - and fears the owner of the arcade, Litwak, will sell the machine off - she and pal Ralph (John C. Reilly) go into this marvelous world called the Internet where they plan on buying a replacement wheel from eBay ... except they have no money to pay for it.  The animators do a good job 'visualizing' the 'net as a super metropolis - the Dark Web is still a back alley - and the 'message' for kids about having faith in your friends even if they move away (there are so many ways to communicate with people nowadays there's no excuse) is appropriate in this age-of-mobility, but it exists mostly as One Gigantic Advertisement for Google, Snap, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. (the same way it was with The Emoji Movie) not to mention Disney's other movies.  Kids first learning about the online world might be distracted by the shininess, but the Saturday Morning Cartoon 'life lesson' is just too trite for anyone over the age of 12.