Mad Foxes

Director: Paul Grau
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 0.0

             Well-to-do Hal (José Gras), who drives a spiffy Chevrolet Corvette Neufeld and is courting his barely 18-year-old girlfriend, has an ugly run-in with Nazi bikers who attack him and rape her ... and then proceed to torment him, even going so far as to kill his entire family and his gardener.  In the rank dustbin of truly terrible movies, this exploitation piece deserves some dubious award for being incomprehensible nonsense in which not a single moment of it makes the slightest bit of sense: if you're paying even the least bit of attention, you're bound to laugh out loud at the technical ineptitude, out-of-place 'romantic interludes' and truly awful dialogue (I watched the English dub), which make it just right for a midnight movie marathon in which everyone's cranked up on stimulants and eager to find a movie to laugh at (instead of 'with').  The ending deserves a special mention: all the characters that are not already dead get blown up.