Director: Brian De Palma
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

After Danish police officer Christian (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) botches up the arrest of Imran (Eriq Ebouaney), a member of ISIS, and his partner Lars (Søren Malling) gets his throat slit, he and Lars' (unlikely) secret lover Alex (Carice van Houten) team up to find Imran ... and the two of them wind up in the middle of a terror plot to blow up a bullfighting arena in Spain.  You can tell De Palma doesn't have his heart in this at all until it gets to staging the attempted attack-by-drone at the conclusion - such crisp direction there! - because what precedes it is a worse-than-TV police procedural with stock characters, canned "dialogue" and a tacky soundtrack (he's on record as saying the production had a lot of problems, and it shows).  Between this and Redacted, you can tell he's had it with the United States' foreign policy - and despises radical Islam (how many times should you show a beheading and a woman opening fire on a crowd?) - but anger should never cloud your judgment.  "We're Americans, we read your e-mails," CIA agent "Joe Martin" (Guy Pearce) tells the leads ... and it's a shame that line is not a complete exaggeration.