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Last Laugh, The

Director:  Greg Pritikin
Year Released:  2019
Rating:  0.0

Retired talent manager Al (Chevy Chase) goes to live in a 'senior living' facility where he reunites with Buddy (Richard Dreyfuss), a former client of his - tired of hearing about disease and death in that environment, Al takes Buddy back on the road, touring small-time comedy clubs (read: dives) and hoping to get on the Late Show (with an unseen Stephen Colbert). The 'humor' (if one could even call it that) is pathetic - geriatrics talkin' about the sex, doing the drugs, having odd chewing habits - and things get so grim that the inclusion of Andie MacDowell (as a New Age Spirit Mother) feels like a gust of freshness (she's not morbid and she laughs at everything). If someone had the nerve to put this straight-to-streaming Pursue-Your-Dreams garbage on at any nursing home I'd hope the television set gets whacked with a walker (with the tennis balls taken off).

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