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Old Man and the Gun, The

Director:  David Lowery
Year Released:  2018
Rating:  2.0

Career criminal Forrest (Robert Redford) - who broke out of prison an astounding 16 times! - goes on a string of bank robberies with two pals (Danny Glover and Tom Waits) and spends 'free time' with a widow (Sissy Spacek) shopping and playing with horses, but lawman John Hunt (Casey Affleck) is determined to nab him. Hollywood spends such little time dealing with anyone 'over a certain age' that it's not sure what to do with the 80-year-old Redford except to fetishize his wrinkles and show old clips and photographs of him 'in his younger years' since 'being old' is apparently the actual characteristic his character needs (that and he likes robbin' places). As with Our Souls at Night, it's a nostalgia trip that doesn't feel the need to try anything new ... although there is something inspiring about senior citizens breaking the law with a grin (it's based on a true story): being of retirement age should involve high speed chases from the cops instead of spoiling grandkids.

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