Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town

Director: Christian Papierniak
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 2.0

Or, Run Hot Mess Run. Izzy (Mackenzie Davis) wakes up in a stranger's bed (Lakeith!) and then finds out her ex-boyfriend is engaged to her former best friend (ouch!), so without a (working) automobile, she has to do what she can to get across L.A. to try to break them up, meeting a couple of weirdos on the way. Davis is a pillar of energy - lanky and spastic but brimming with self-confidence (or is it the booze?) - even as the movie becomes repetitive with some so-so diversions ... and then there's that downbeat ending where Izzy, permanently unstable, realizes that she doesn't want the guy she spent the whole damn thing pursuing (so much for all that). There's a nice selection of riot grrl songs on the soundtrack, but playing punk and being a punk are two different things (one character calls Izzy an 'asshole' early on, and it sounds harsh ... but it turns out he's right).