Thunder Road

Director: Jim Cummings
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Officer Jim (Jim Cummings) is having a tough go of it: his mother passed away and his wife left him (and turned his daughter against him) and he's struggling to stay composed at work, where his chief has had it with his strange antics. Cummings, who wrote and directed it and stars in it and edited it and performed the music for it, seems to be a one-man show ... and as much respect as I have for the DIY mentality, it slips too easily into narcissism: Jim-the-screenwriter writes Jim-the-actor multiple monologues (at a funeral, in front of a police station, in front of a dead body, in front of his daughter) while every other thinly-developed 'character' just stands around as a recipient for his rants with the camera fixed solely on him. It's supposed to be about being wounded and Learning How to Heal (!) - mixing comedy with pathos - but it feels disingenuous - the Sundance School of Having a "Breakdown." Save the speeches for Summer Stock, dude.