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Bird Box

Director:  Susanne Bier
Year Released:  2018
Rating:  2.0

Following an Unexplained Airborne Event in which People That Look to the Sky "See" Their Worst Fears and then promptly kill themselves, a crabby artist named Malorie (Sandra Bullock) has to survive by blindfolding herself (and ignoring the evil voices she hears) to get to safety, at first by locking herself in a house with a few strangers (including John Malkovich and Trevante Rhodes), and later on floating on a raft with two children to get to a sanctuary. This type of Survival Horror has been in vogue lately - another one being A Quiet Place - and while Bullock is commendable as the lead, the mechanics/logistics of the story come across as a bit wonky/underdefined: I have a hard time shuffling to the bathroom in the dark, so how anyone's supposed to not only drive a car but trek through a forest and raft down rapids without being able to see is tough to fathom ... and then a 'later' twist, that there are a group of people who can see and aren't driven insane (because they're already mentally-ill?) could have used a tad more explanation. Unlike many, I do like the ending ... although, again, questions arise: how are the blind folk immune from the "voices?"

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