Ideal Home

Director: Andrew Fleming
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

A gay couple living in New Mexico, flamboyant cooking show host Erasmus (Steve Coogan) and his director Paul (Paul Rudd), get a surprise visit from a young boy named Angel (Jack Gore) who is actually Erasmus' grandson (he had an 'experimental' phase, it seems) - the two have to raise the (stubborn) child because his Dad is in jail (and his Mom is a junkie who fell off a balcony). I'm a little surprised Fleming, at some point when filming this, didn't stop and think about (a.) how trite the plot is or (b.) how cringeworthy it is to see Coogan and Rudd (both heterosexuals in real life) mincing it up and acting out almost every cliché about homosexual men possible (wine pairings! gourmet cheese! fancy decorations! Star Wars porn!). Fleming intends for it to be a defense of same-sex parenting, which no one reasonable should take issue with (can't botch things up worse than many 'traditional' parents), although it works even better as an advertisement for Taco Bell.