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After Party, The

Director:  Ian Edelman
Year Released:  2018
Rating:  1.0

Burrito-maker Owen (Kyle Harvey) wants to become a famous rapper, but after smoking too much of Wiz Khalifa's dank (and puking on him during a concert), his reputation is ruined and his father is making him join the Marine Corps - there to assist in making his dream a reality before he takes off for Parris Island is rich kid/'manager'/poseur Jeff (Harrison Holzer), who tries to get Owen to meet a record producer and maybe get a deal. I like that it has spunk and carries the timeless message of pursuing your dream (no matter what it might be), but it also tries too hard to be 'hip' and 'current' - Holzer's the 'dorky white guy' in there to make everyone else look cooler in comparison - and tosses in cameos by numerous currently popular artists (Desiigner, DJ Khalid, Ski Mask the Slump God, Charlamagne tha God, French Montana etc.) as fan service (although DMX stands out in his only scene ... what these females want from a person, anyway?). Popular site WorldStarHipHop (which gained notoriety for posting homemade fight videos ... along with music) co-produced it, so it also largely functions as a feature-length ad for them. Harvey, who is a singer/songwriter in real-life (he just goes by his first name), has a way with words ... if he wanted a full-time career in the movies, he could probably pull it off.

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