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Director:  Cory Finley
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  1.5

Prim Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) and 'emotionless' Amanda (Olivia Cooke) start hanging out again (thanks to Amanda's mom) and mostly nitpick at each other while Amanda doles out the sarcasm ... until they concoct a plan to kill Lily's step-dad Mark (Paul Sparks) because he wants to send Lily to a school she doesn't like (boo-hoo!). Comparisons to Heathers have been thrown around haphazardly, but the black humor in that movie seems to have been replaced by total glibness and a wanton disregard for basic psychology: the girls are entirely under the control of Finley's creaky script. If it's intended as a cinematic representation of affluenza - children of wealth 'disconnected' from the real world and unable to understand what repercussions are - I suppose it has some merit, though it still lacks plausibility (Lily simply isn't believable as a murderer). Anton Yelchin, playing an aspiring criminal mastermind (it's one of his last roles), changes the dynamics of the scenes he's in for the better - all that nervous energy! - but he can't save the picture.

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