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Deadpool 2

Director:  David Leitch
Year Released:  2018
Rating:  2.0

The wise-cracking Marvel anti-hero (?) Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds, who also contributed to the screenplay) has returned, and this time he has to save a boy nicknamed Firefist (Julian Dennison) from time-traveling killer Cable (Josh Brolin) ... and meet with limb-ripping Juggernaut (voiced by Reynolds). It's marginally better than the first one, if only because it does away with the introductory stuff - here it's simply wall-breaking meta-humor and movie references and dollops of sarcasm stacked high (I love the Bond-style mock opening). The only issue with being a movie that's designed to be one large in-joke is that's all it remains when the end credits roll: a parody that knows that's all it is and is willing to embrace its superficiality (not unlike Machete with Danny Trejo). Brolin's a fitting foil to Ryan's chaotic-neutral jester - he doesn't have it in him to crack a smile.

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