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Send Me No Flowers

Director:  Norman Jewison
Year Released:  1964
Rating:  2.0

Neurotic businessman George (Rock Hudson), who always thinks there's something medically wrong with him, goes to his doctor's office and misinterprets a phone call his physician has with a heart specialist and becomes convinced he doesn't have long to live, so he sets out to purchase a burial plot (from Paul Lynde!) and, with his best friend (and attorney) Arnold (Tony Randall), find his wife ... a new husband to replace him (!?). Like the other Hudson-Day 'rom-coms' this, too, is corny, suburban 'humor,' guaranteed to end up with an easy embrace and make-up kiss after all the misunderstandings, with Hudson's 'hidden personal life' used for cheap gags as he and Randall 'scope out the guys' and share a (platonic) bed together. It should be a painless viewing experience for most people, although as something of a hypochondriac myself ... it hits a little close to home.

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