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Trouble With Angels, The

Director:  Ida Lupino
Year Released:  1966
Rating:  2.0

Teen scamps Mary (Hayley Mills) and Rachel (June Harding) are whisked off to St. Francis Academy (for girls), which is controlled by the no nonsense Mother Superior (Rosalind Russell) ... and boy, do they have an anti-authority streak in them (and enjoy the pleasures of tobacco). The majority of the film follows this pattern: the girls break the rules, get caught and are punished, break the rules again, get punished again, etc. until it gets to its more humanistic third act, where Mother Superior's fascinating back-story is revealed and Mills' character has an odd change of heart about the sisterhood. Lupino, a tough cookie who started off in Hollywood as an actress, might have been a groundbreaker as one of the first female filmmakers, but was a little stiff here in shaping 'comedic' scenes. Having been personally taught by members of the clergy ... these nuns seem very courteous in comparison.

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