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When We First Met

Director:  Ari Sandel
Year Released:  2018
Rating:  2.0

Pianist Noah (Adam Devine) meets chirpy Avery (Alexandra Daddario) at a costume party, they have a lovely night together ... and a day later, she has a chance encounter with the man she would later marry, Ethan (Robbie Amell) - to try to 'reverse' this, Noah uses a Magical Photo Booth (!?) in a bar to go back in time, 'recreate' the day they met and attempt to change her mind. This time-travelling concept has been abused ever since Groundhog Day - anyone else see 2017's Before I Fall? - and while it does arrive at a valid point, namely that the person you think is The One just might not be (and that Fate might play a part in life, as opposed to Free Will), its trip to that conclusion is wonky and scatterbrained, and Devine's squinty frat-house 'humor' is ... an acquired taste. There's some old-fashioned morality tucked in there - it should be about love, now shouldn't it? - and Shelley Hennig sneaks in a good performance as a sassy photographer just finding her own place in the world.

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