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Open House, The

Director:  Matt Angel & Suzanne Coote
Year Released:  2018
Rating:  0.5

Following the tragic death of her husband (Aaron Abrams) to a drunk driver, widow Naomi (Piercey Dalton) and teenage son Logan (Dylan Minnette) move to her sister's deluxe house - that's up-for-sale - in an isolated region, except it seems the home is haunted. There are your expected 'boo moments' and traditional horror elements, like the strange neighbor lady (Patricia Bethune) who wandered out of a Twin Peaks audition, doors slamming, crank calls, a pesky heater in a dark basement that keeps going out, objects mysteriously moving ... but then there's the remarkably idiotic final act, where the threat goes from being what was supposed to be supernatural to an actual person (!?) who it then fails to identify (?!) and ends the most frustratingly feel-bad way possible, thereby making the movie totally pointless. The only thing saving this from being a total waste is Dalton's sympathetic (and strung-out) Mom, who surely deserved a better fate than being stabbed by her own kid.

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