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Before I Fall

Director:  Ry Russo-Young
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  1.5

Popular high school senior Samantha (Zoey Deutch) is forced by some cruel fate to keep reliving the same exact day in her life, starting each morning in her bed next to a paper swan and her cell phone, until she experiences the day exactly 'as intended' (cough cough by the screenwriters). While the reference point is a certain Bill Murray movie ("Don't drive angry!"), instead of making the situation humorous it places Sam in a living hell, up to the point where she figures out she has to kiss a boy (Logan Miller) who's had a crush on her for years and that she has to sacrifice herself (!?) by getting hit by a vehicle (?!) in order to save the life of a ridiculed classmate (Elena Kampouris) ... which doesn't actually make a ton of sense and, if anything, is idiotically fatalistic ("tie up the loose ends of your life before you perish at a tragically young age!"). The dialogue could have used a little work, but the bubbly energy of its female cast - especially Deutch and Halston Sage - keeps it watchable.

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