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Good Time

Director:  Josh & Benny Safdie
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  1.0

None-too-bright Connie (Robert Pattinson) takes his disabled brother Nick (co-director Benny) to rob a bank (wearing blackface) - Nick gets captured by the police and is beaten up in jail, so Connie has to break him out ... but accidentally (?) breaks out the wrong guy, a fast talking acid dealer. It's a Dumb-Criminals-Who-Can't-Stop-Being-Dumb-type movie (it's ironic at one point Pattison watches an episode of Cops), with its principle character making constant mistakes and generally acting like an dingbat - the Safdie brothers keep their cameras pressed against their performers' faces (to the point where you can count the pores) and are always-on-the-go, but it's a blitz to nowhere new (I think they're trying to sneak in a point about Black Lives Matter ... but that's barely flushed out, Bros). Pattinson breaks a sweat but he's given little of substance to work with; Daniel Lopatin's score is unpleasantly obtrusive.

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