Dodge City

Director: Michael Curtiz
Year Released: 1939
Rating: 3.0

In the lawless town of Dodge City, Kansas - where there's bar fightin' and gamblin' and people getting lynched or shot in the middle of the street (and no taxes!) - there's a battle goin' on between newly-appointed Sheriff Errol Flynn and a bunch o' amoral baddies (ordered around by Bruce Cabot). It's a fun breeze of a movie with no let-up in the goings-on: Curtiz's streamlined direction goes along well with Flynn's eternally smug grin as he struts through the bullets. One side element I like in this is having Olivia de Havilland's character work for a newspaper instead of "staying at home" ("a woman's place"), a nice early endorsement for ye' ol' gender equality.