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Take Me

Director:  Pat Healy
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  1.5

Major suspension of disbelief time: everyday dude Ray (Healy) runs a "kidnapping business" in which "clients" hire him to tie them up in his basement to "cure" their "problems" ... he soon gets a call from business executive Anna St. Blair (Taylor Schilling) for his "services" but she might have a different agenda. Not only do you have to accept that someone would pay someone else to be taken hostage (the world can be a strange place), but that the kidnapper wouldn't have been permanently busted for shady business practices, but you also have to find Ray a threatening person (he seems too earnest for this line of work) ... and then you need to figure out what Schilling's non-character gains from such a venture (I'm assuming it's due to suppressed anger from her divorce). It's a quick and easy watch - the Duplass Factory knows how to chug ahead and get out in time - but too safe to be memorable (although Schilling holds her own).

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