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Boss Baby, The

Director:  Tom McGrath
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  0.5

Yet another exhibit of artistic bankruptcy in H-wood, this time aimed for children: a suit-wearing baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) is borne to Mom (Lisa Kudrow) and Pop (Jimmy Kimmel), except their 7-year-old son Tim (Miles Bakshi) doesn't like the attention he's getting. You can only use Baldwin-resurrecting-Jack Donaghy for so long (power nap!) before the movie's sole 'joke' gets tiresome, but then it gets into some subplot about "Secret Baby Formula" and a long line of Baby CEOs and you realize it can even get dumber. Not surprisingly, this was a smash at the box office (taking in roughly $500 million), which immediately disproves the movie's notion that puppies are becoming "more popular" than babies. It also invalidates my belief that moviegoers are becoming more discerning with their entertainment dollar: if you'll willingly swallow garbage, they will keep feeding it to you ... while making airplane noises.

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