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Wonder Woman

Director:  Patty Jenkins
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  2.0

DC-Comics-In-Full-Feminist-Mode: title god Diane (Gal Gadot), who lives on a hidden island with Amazon women and no men (basically Tumblr's fantasy), saves a spy (Chris Pine) and then ends up in London circa World War I where she tries to locate God of War Ares (David Thewlis, of all people). The script is the same-old thing only with 'traditional' gender roles reversed - the lady has to rescue the man - and pandering (there's only one "evil" woman in this, Dr. Maru, and she's bad because she's disfigured), but it does have one decent point: would the world be more peaceful if women made the decisions instead of old men who don't have to go into combat? It throws in a few 'jokes' about males only being necessary for reproduction (rather than pleasure) to get the ladies clapping - hey, we try, what can I say? - but neglects to go into detail as to how to hide a sword in an ass crack. It must pinch, right?

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