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Birth of a Nation, The

Director:  Nate Parker
Year Released:  2016
Rating:  1.0

Fictionalized story of Nat Turner (Parker himself), a preacher/slave in Plantation era U.S., who staged a rebellion against evil slave owners (who had it comin') ... and is eventually caught and hanged. The release of this was overshadowed by an alleged rape charge against Parker from his days as a student at Penn State (which is sadly no stranger to incidents of that nature), but the truth of the matter is (a.) no one but Parker and his accomplice knows precisely what happened with the young lady (who has since committed suicide) and (b.) this is terribly written and shameless Liberal Bait (time it takes until the n-word is first uttered: six minutes), with one-dimensional white men foaming at the mouth and Turner turned into a Messianic figure (there's even an angel!). Say what you will about 12 Years a Slave, but at least McQueen has a talent for storytelling (not to mention a background in fine art) - this is just Parker, in his hubris, making sure the camera is always fixed on him ... and there isn't much to look at.

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