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Sandy Wexler

Director:  Steven Brill
Year Released:  2017
Rating:  0.0

Good gravy, another Adam Sandler embarrassment (with Netflix as his enabler): in this movie, he's the title talent manager ("the king of Hollywood") who's a pathological liar (and name dropper) and takes on clients with (very) limited skills ... until he stumbles upon superstar-level singer Courtney Clarke (Jennifer Hudson); naturally, he tries to bungle up her career (while supposedly developing feelings for her). Most of the target audience for this have probably never seen nor heard of a little movie called Broadway Danny Rose, but it's a similar concept ... only stripped of wit, compassion and intelligence; you'd think Sandler would have learned his lesson by now (cough, cough Little Nicky) that his 'weird voices' offer no comedic value and the instances of physical comedy are about as far from Buster Keaton as I am from being a starting center in the NBA. How he can assemble such a loaded cast is a feat in himself, although maybe his participants simply relish being cast in disposable junk (and maybe Jane Seymour enjoys humiliating sex scenes). I'm still waiting for a bunch of French critics to step up and call Sandler the heir apparent to Jerry Lewis (let's go Cahiers...).

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