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Sausage Party

Director:  Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon
Year Released:  2016
Rating:  2.5

Well, if this one isn't a sneaky little bugger: while it advertises itself as a dumber-than-dirt animated movie about a hot dog (voiced by Seth Rogan) trying to put himself into a bun (Kristen Wiig) - hurr durr, 6th grade sexual humor - it actually becomes, if you can believe it, a movie about atheism (!?) as the grocery store products discover that their "gods" (humans) devour them and they should just enjoy the moment (culminating in a truly tasteless orgy that might test one's capacity to not laugh at infantile things). It's still lower-than-low brow, I'll admit that, and even though I'm not an atheist I appreciate the twist (this isn't VeggieTales) ... and I also appreciate the inclusion of a vodka-powered douche (Nick Kroll), a used condom squirming in agony, a wad of gum that doubles as Steven Hawking and a gay Jewish bagel (Edward Norton) "making peace" with a Middle Eastern flatbread (who needs the Camp David Accords when you can settle the matter with love?).

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