Where to Invade Next

Director: Michael Moore
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 3.0

Gadfly Moore - still up to his ol' provocative ways - goes to several countries to "steal" some of their best ideas and "claim" them for the United States: these include paid holidays (Italy), free college education (Slovenia), decriminalized drugs (Portugal), realistic sex education and good food (France ... of course) and proper handling of corrupt bankers (Iceland). His quixotic quest for ways to create the perfect society naturally overlooks some major problems with all of those countries - and I feel he doesn't give America enough credit for what it does do right - but as a simple collection of concepts that, if properly implemented, could benefit our country ... well, I'm all for it (school lunches here are truly garbage). With Moore it all comes down to whether or not one feels he has the best intentions: you can pick every argument apart, but he's an entertainer ... not Paul Krugman.