Infinitely Polar Bear

Director: Maya Forbes
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 2.0

Unemployed - and unemployable - bipolar Cam (Mark Ruffalo) is given the task of raising his two daughters when his wife Maggie (Zoe Saldana) goes off to New York City to earn her MBA ... because leaving two children with a mentally unstable man who just came out of the hospital and has breakdowns in public and won't take his medicine is fit to do anything. If one can get over the innately dumb set-up, which leads (naturally) to Ruffalo embarrassing his kids and chain-smoking and behaving impulsively, it ends up being a tolerable (if barely memorable) viewing, as Ruffalo - regardless of what he's in - always tries to bring out the humanity in his roles (he technically doesn't need a role to showcase his talents anymore ... we're already aware he's a skilled actor). The movie is vague when explaining why Cam's family doesn't give him and Maggie more money (they're forced to live in near-poverty) ... but wealthy people can be exceptionally stingy.