Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

Director: Spike Lee
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 1.0

A wealthy scholar, Dr. Hess (Stephen Tyrone Williams), gets stabbed with an ancient dagger that makes him addicted to blood (... but not a vampire, so sunlight is no big deal) - when he meets future companion Ganja (Zaraah Abrahams) he makes sure she gets 'infected' as well. Mr. Lee used Kickstarter to (partially) fund this remake of another bad movie, Bill Gunn's Ganja & Hess, except it's only a very, very minor improvement: the 'acting' is wooden and the pacing is dreadful (also, the relationship between Ganja and Hess is not explored in full: they are merely together not because of mutual affection but because the plot drags them together). For Lee, though, it's as perplexing an effort as Red Hook Summer was in 2012: a professional film artist purposely masquerading as a novice. If this is a way for Lee, nearing his 60's, to 'recharge' himself by dabbling in the 'experimental horror' genre, so be it.