Director: Wally Pfister
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 0.5

A computer scientist (Johnny Depp) - working on nanotechnology and A.I. - gets shot and killed by a group of Neo-Luddites (led by the fierce Kate Mara) so his wife (Rebecca Hall) uploads a copy of her deceased husband onto the Internet and helps his digital form create a workshop in the desert in order to change the course of human existence. The point about the dangers of unchecked digital progress does ring true in a post-Frankenstein sort of way, but this movie is too incoherent and poorly shaped to be anything other than a concept without proper execution or narrative clarity: before you know it, Digital Depp has infused the rain with nanotechnology and rebuilt himself. Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy are in there to remind Hall and the audience that This Is All Very Bad, which is obvious from the get-go. The most important question is: does Digital Depp hanker for e-rollies and date cyber bisexuals? I'm gonna need to torrent him onto my PC to give me life advice.