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Gimme Shelter

Director:  Ron Knauss
Year Released:  2013
Rating:  0.5

A pregnant, burned-out sixteen-year-old who calls herself "Apple" (Vanessa Hudgens) runs away from her addict Mom (Rosario Dawson, sporting some yellow teeth and a razor blade) to find Dad (Brendan Fraser), who is a multi-millionaire - after Dad wants her to get an abortion, she ends up in a women's shelter run by an angelic matriarch (Ann Dowd) who encourages her to keep the child. Hudgens' character is basically an amalgamation of every runaway made-for-TV teen - there is no situation she can't run away from fast enough and certainly does not make smart decisions for herself - and the movie seems to lean hard on right-wing ideas in the face of rational behavior: it's propaganda, but only half-hearted (one doesn't leave the screening with the warm fuzzies, despite all limp efforts). A Bible passage-quoting priest (James Earl Jones), a pinwheel (for that unnecessary dose of symbolism) and Hudgens' so-so imitation of a surly wreck compound the movie's innumerable problems.

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