I Am Divine

Director: Jeffrey Schwarz
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 2.0

One of umpteen documentaries that currently exist about filmmaker John Waters' favorite muse, Divine (born Harris Glenn Milstead) and how he went from being a 'feminine' boy growing up in Maryland to an international drag superstar. It does touch on Divine's penchant for marijuana and gluttony, but between all the other docs about Waters and his Dreamlanders and Waters' writings about Divine, it just seems like it's going over the same old story. Not terribly done, of course, and those unfamiliar with Waters' early experimental pictures might find this to be a 'way in' to go further exploring, but at this point I'd just suggest starting with Eat Your Makeup and proceed onward to what would inevitably become safer ground (Hairspray, Polyester) for both Waters and 'the most beautiful woman on Earth.'